Founded as Sobriety High Foundation(SHF) we supported recovery high schools primarily in MN for a over a decade. Inspired by Congressman Ramstad and Franni Franken (wife of Senator Al Franken) to take a more expansive role in landscape of prevention, addiction and recovery. We focused on listening to the fast growing community of young people who were seeking and gaining recovery under the age of 25. SHF expanded our mission and changed our name to the National Youth Recovery Foundation (NYRF). We spent four years listening and learning from young people across the country who shared one thing in common. They were in recovery and they identified three questions that were consistent wherever we traveled.

Why was there no national outcry about about a prison population of over 80% of people with addiction?

Why was there so much emphasis on prevention and addiction treatment but almost nothing to support young people once they got into recovery?

Why wasn’t there a movement of young people in recovery to advocate for their peers, break the stigma of addiction, and make being in recovery cool?

YPRs group shot