About Our Work

Using these questions we convened a group of young people across the country who we met through this process and they identified three goals that have guided NYRF’s work for the last several years.

National Youth Recovery Foundation Goals:

1. Create the first national young people lead organization in recovery – COMPLETED

We provided leadership training, seed funding and housed Young People in Recovery (YPR) for two years http://youngpeopleinrecovery.org

2. Design, in collaboration with young adults in recovery, a program to advance the purposeful life that recovery makes possible:

Fills career and developmental gaps they missed during their time in addiction
Community based, not part of any 12 step, treatment, medical or therapy based program,
Be available and visible in communities large and small and be part of a mainstream health and wellness focused program.

In 2016 we established a partnership with the YMCA in Montclair, NJ and formed a task force dominated by young adults in recovery in the community and developed a pilot program to launch in the Spring of 2017:

ASPIRE – Purposeful Living for Young Adults in Recovery – LAUNCH IN 2016-2017

A three month program based at the Montclair YMCA that includes three weekends and weekly meetings that focus on identifying big dreams and concrete plans that can include breaking through barriers around communication skills, goal setting and carry through, career/education planning, financial literacy, dealing with legal issues, and mentor and mentoring opportunities in fields of individual interest. Each cohort will participate in some basic program and design parts of the program that serves their individual and cohort desires.

3. Buiild a pool of funding to advance opportunities for young people in recovery and break the stigma of addiction through celebration of recovery:

Scholarships for college and skill building training.
Seed funding for community based innovative programs informed by and when possible designed and executed by young adults in recovery.

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