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NYRF seeks financial support from people in the recovery community who are ready to invest in the next generation. This is a new field of giving because most contributions in the field of addiction got to prevention and treatment. We are asking for support for programs that celebrate and advance and support long term recovery. We believe and the research shows that if we invest in young adults who are in recovery they will be the role models for their peers engaged citizens in their communities and parents for a generation that will no longer add stigma to the challenges of addiction.

Contributions can be anonymous although we are happy to acknowledge both companies, foundations and individuals who would be willing to be listed. Gifts are used in the following ways:

Scholarships: We pool contributions of under $100 to give $1,000 scholarship or will do sponsored scholarships at $1,000 a piece to young adults in recovery for school or training – the criteria is advancement in your recovery and academics. We encourage companies to sponsor scholarships for $1,000 so that young people in recovery see there are companies will openlly celebrate recovery. We can arrange for scholarships to be designated for your community.

Pilot Program: Project Discovery – Purposeful Living for Young Adults in Recovery

Research: There is very little research on young adults in recovery that quantifies why they have been successful. If we can learn from those in recovery what have been key factors to their success we can build program to support that for others.

Endowment: There are 20 million people in this country in recovery, if each of them have two family members or friends who know the affects of this disease and know also the success of recovery we hope an investment in building a funding source

NYRF has donated office space, is volunteer run, and uses consultants as needed. Our overhead and fundraising costs are less than 10%.

Does your company have a matching gift program?
If so, your gift may have as much as double the impact! Please check with your Human Resources manager to learn more.