The National Youth Recovery Foundation began as the Sobriety High Foundation almost 10 years ago. The Sobriety High Foundation created and funded the largest recovery charter school network in the country with four campuses in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. It soon became apparent, however, that the depth and breadth of services needed for young people in recovery (YPRs) went well beyond the high-school age group and beyond the capabilities of any individual state to address single-handedly. In 2010, the group merged with a parents’ organization in New York City that had been pursuing the creation of a recovery high school and changed its name to the National Youth Recovery Foundation. In 2012, NYRF joined forces with Young People in Recovery (YPR), an independent group of young people in recovery that was forming membership chapters nationwide and shared NYRF’s mission and goals. The National Youth Recovery Foundation is led by regional boards of directors and a national board. Our leadership is comprised of parents, treatment experts, as well as young people in recovery and older adults in recovery. Our work is informed by the YPR national council and an advisory board of experts such as social workers, treatment specialists, and educators.
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